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Moonshot crew has been building software products in different roles with different teams for years. Now we have united as a multi-disciplinary team to help you build the best version of your product through it's whole lifecycle.


Leverage our experience, tools and techniques to discover, develop and communicate the best strategy for your product and organization.


We create the best possible user experience, putting your customers in the central position of the design process. This results with a product users love.


Whether you need to build a new product from scratch, develop or optimize existing one, we deliver value quickly through short iterations.


We verify that your project is meeting its business objectives and is evolving in the right direction by defining and tracking the right metrics.

Scala, Ruby, Python, Java, .NET/C#, Play, Rails, Django, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Oracle, SQL Server


Secure email for everyone.

We've helped Lavaboom. team to forge their idea for a webmail app that would be both super-secure as well as user friendly into a working product.

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Though it may not seem like it, we're just human. We love design and coding, but the most important aspect of every project are people that we work with. If you feel the same way, here's you chance to learn something about us. We can't wait to get to know you better too.

Marcin Mieszek

Founder, Technology Lead

Macin has been building, architecting and managing software projects for over 12 years. He is an agile enthusiast who loves automation and shipping code to production early and often. Marcin splits his time between leading software development in Moonshot, working towards his MSc at the Oxford University and training Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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Marcin is a very creative person with tons of new ideas on possible business and software solutions. This combined with deep understanding of enterprise software development makes him great architect and developer. Very focused on achieving established goals with clear vision of user requirements.
Rafał Hajdacki Technical Project Leader
Marcin is a competent and well motivated person - a good professional. He also is very communicative and behaves well in teams.
Marcin Gawlik Software Engineer at Google
With his wide knowledge, large experience, optimistic character and adaptation abilities Marcin outstands a large number of people I know. He's very reliable, hardworking and inteligent specialist. I do enjoy working with this guy :-)
Wojciech Kudła Co-founder at Codearte

Mariusz Wozniak

Founder, Design Lead

Mariusz is a T-shaped UX&UI designer with front-end dev chops, a taste for startups and an entrepreneur at heart, building web products with startup and Fortune 500 companies for over 5 years. He has also been sharing UX design experience at Jagiellonian University and conferences. Passionate about new tech, good design, rock music and comedy.

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Mariusz is an excellent, broadly skilled, designer. In CloudVertical Mariusz created slick web sites, landing pages, prototyped from scratch new products, created content for marketing campaigns, as well as designing and building the product UX and UI.
Ed Byrne CEO
It was a pleasure to work with Mariusz. His deep and detailed analytical thinking helped me to deliver functionalities in effective way basing on prototypes he built. He was highly product oriented, focusing on things that mattered. Good communication skills, big sense of humour! :)
Marek Bytnar Ruby on Rails Developer

Bartek Wojtas

Software Developer

With over 7 years of experience under his belt, Bartek is proficient with all the leading front-end technologies. He keeps himself up to date with current web tredns to push browsers to its boundries. While coding is his true passion, he stays active by biking, swimming, hiking and more, or mends things.

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He is characterized by professionalism and patience (mainly in cooperation between designers and developers). Highly recommended to work with.
Łukasz Zieba Graphic Designer, client
Excellent and reliable in his actions. Our relationship has always proceeded very effectively.
Łukasz Majewski Graphic Designer & Co-worker at IWD Partner

Tomek Rupik

User Experience Designer

In his work as UX/UI designer Tomek is merging the best of interaction design, information architecture and graphic design. He designed products for American Airlines, Etihad Airways, The Coca-cola Company, Nestle, Ferrero Rocher. He is a co-founder of World Usability Day conference in Krakow, ux lecturer at Jagiellonian University and loves diving.

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Tomek is one of the smartest UX experts that i have come across. He provided a lot on insights into user experience and the impact of it on the products. I was very impressed on how fast Tomek picked up his domain knowledge on airlines and cargo and it was a pleasure working with him over the years.
Mukundh Parthasarathy
Tomasz is a highly skilled interface designer and user experience expert. He has a keen sense of usability and interaction design, and is a very good user researcher. Tomasz works well with team members in other disciplines (business, development, etc.) and is a pleasure to work with!
Ben Judy

Piotr Karbowski

Systems Administator

Piotr as a virtualization expert with decade-worth experience of system security and administration. He solves cloud and scalability issues for our clients. Piotr, beeing a truly security paranoid person, having unique skillset and 'getting s* done' aproach, is a great member of the Moonshot team.

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